Friday, December 28, 2012

One of our favorites . . .

We love getting notes from campers and parents letting us know how SBC has influenced their lives. This letter from last summer was one of our favorites!
Hello Dave,

I just wanted to let you know how life changing your camp has been for my children and as a result, our entire family! We attend weekly Mass, all four of my children have been baptized, and had first communion. However, your week with them had more of an impact spiritually on each of them than all those years put together. Thank you, Thank you to you and your amazing staff.

My daughter, C, attended trailblazers in July and had Emily for a counselor. She had such a blast and came home raving about not only the activities, but also Jerry. When her 3 brothers heard if all the fun, they couldn't stand it and asked if they could go too! They couldn't wait to do the zipline, watersports, slip n slide etc.
When it came time to pack up after several weeks of "count down", A asked "why do I have to bring a bible?" C quickly responded with "it's a religious based camp goof ball, didn't you hear me talk about Jerry and all stories?" A's response was that he won't bring one and look like a "dork", and after much coaxing and still refusal, Mom gently slipped one into his bag at the last minute.
A has always been the non believer of the family, resists church and anything to do with it except donut time after mass and the big annual festival.
A's counselor was Kodie and he instantly liked him because he quickly found out that Kodie plays Black Ops Too - his favorite all time video game. I worried all week that A would resist the spiritual sessions and make things miserable for everyone. I wondered if anything Jerry or Kodie said would sink in and make a difference for him.
Well, after seeing him melt in Kodie's arms at pick up we were astonished at the impact he had on A. A then said "I'm a believer now!" We were pleasantly "floored". No one has ever been able to reach him deep down inside like that. What a blessing Kodie was to him. Then tonight we found him reading his bible he got from camp at bedtime with his reading glasses on: A has never picked up a bible on his own, hates to read and hates wearing his glasses. Amazing! For this we will always be grateful.
Each of the counselors my children had were amazing: Emily, Megan, jared, and Brian too! The one hour ride we had on the way home felt like 15 minutes to them because they all kept sharing stories from the week nonstop barely taking any breaths to pause. They all can't wait to return to summer camp, and we are considering the sportsmanship camp, and winter camp as well. Thank you for making such a difference in our lives! We look forward to seeing you all real soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Trailblazers and Day Campers

We're in our first day of Trailblazer camp.  Jerry Jacoby is speaking to our 3rd - 5th graders this week and they're loving it!  They played goldrush last night (after a little explanation) and we were all thankful to be paying it in 70 degree temperatures rather than last week's temperatures!  The slip 'n slide is on for this afternoon!

Activities for the rest of the week include 3D kickball, Water Rush, Hayride and bonfire and Counselor of the Universe!

Also, our first Day Camp kicked off this morning.  The campers played tag games upon arrival, and they're taking a hayride right now.  The rest of the day will spent swimming, boating, in archery, having a Bible lesson, going to the Trading post and making a craft.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Explorer Camp 1 and Young Teen Camp 1

This week's camps are going well!  Our Explorer Camp speaker is Jerry Jacoby and our Young Teen Camp speaker is Ben Jewett.  Both sets of campers are learning and growing a lot during their daily chapel times and room devotions.

The days have started off cool, but have warmed up and been the perfect temperature.  From what we here, we're in for some pretty hot days on Wednesday and Thursday, so we're enjoying these cooler temps now!

Some of this week's activities for Young Teen Campers include the Slip 'n Slide, Gold Rush, Wet Hayride, Counselor of the Universe, Counselor Hunt, Human Foosball, Hayride & Bonfire, and their individual classes.  Young Teen Campers are also enjoying the zip line, horseback riding, swimming, the Trading Post and all of the other activities that come with camp.

Activities for the Explorer Campers include Slip 'n Slide, Hayride & Bonfire, Wet Hayride, Gold Rush, Water Rush, and Counselor Hunt. The Explorer Campers also get a shot at the zip line, horseback riding, etc.  They're all having a great time and we haven't had any homesickness at all this week!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Senior Teen Camp 2012

Senior Teen camp is in full swing!  We had a little bit of rain around lunchtime yesterday, but it didn't interfere with any of the day's activities.  We had a late night activity that is always our campers' favorite . . . COMMANDO!

Last night's session with our speaker, John Waldo, was all about discovering how God sees us.  So many of our campers recommitted their lives to Jesus and we're all rejoicing with them!  Continue to pray that God will move in the lives of these campers.

Senior Teen Camp 2012

We'll be updating photos later today on our flickr page and we'll be posting periodic photos and updates on our facebook page.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Race Day

SBC is located about 8 miles from Michigan International Speedway.  Because of that, race day traffic can sometimes cause back-ups. 

Race day traffic patterns will cause US-12 to be closed to all through traffic between M-50 and US-127 starting by 6 AM up until the start of the race (1 PM).  It will be closed again when the race reaches the last 50 laps until late in the evening.

Alternate Routes

From the north and west:
Take I-94 east to exit 133, Dearing Road.
Take Dearing Road south to M-60.
Take M-60 east about 1 mile to Moscow Road.
Take Moscow Road south about 12 miles to US-12.
Take US-12 east about 4 miles to camp entrance.

From the north and east:
Take I-94 west to exit 142, US-127 south.
Take US-127 south about 15 miles to US-12.
Take US-12 west about 4 miles to camp entrance.

From the south and east:
Take US-223 north to US-12.
Take US-12 west about 4 miles to camp entrance.

From the south and west:
Take US-12 east to the camp entrance.

Expect heavy on coming traffic on US-12, US-127, US-223 and Moscow road after the race is over. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 reasons that SBC is the camp for your kids


1. SBC is committed to your child's well being above all else.  Our staff is carefully screened, trained, and dedicated to a high level of safety. Our equipment is tested and well-maintained.  A health officer is always on duty.  Food served at SBC always includes fruits and vegetables and alternatives can be provided in case of food allergies or special dietary needs.

2. Campers love SBC staff.  Don't get us wrong . . . they love the fun and exciting activities and games, too.  Often, though, when you ask a camper what their favorite part of camp was, they say it was their counselor.  Relationships are the most important part of the camp experience at SBC.

3. SBC stretches campers to try new things.  We provide a space in which campers feel emotionally safe so that they can be stretched beyond their comfort zone.  They might feel pangs of insecurity as they arrive, but they'll also experience the thrill of meeting new people and being loved and accepted by their cabin group.  They might be fearful of new activities, but they'll also feel excited and energized when they succeed at something they never thought they could do.

4. Somerset Beach staff members love their jobs.  Our staff members are so excited about what they do and that enthusiasm spills over to our campers and guests.  They enjoy being in the outdoors, they're full of energy and enthusiasm and they love working with kids and teens.  Staff members at SBC are key players in a camper's experience. They help campers to make friends, to learn new skills, to feel loved and accepted, to face fears and disappointments, and to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives.

5. Campers leave SBC with lifelong friends. When kids are here, they don't have mom and dad there to help them approach people and make connections. With the assistance of trained counselors, they have to put themselves out there.  There's something about the SBC setting that allows campers to let their guard down and develop deep relationships with each other.

6. Life-changing encounters with Jesus are the goal of SBC youth camps.  Through Bible studies, relationships, conversations, teachable moments, guest speakers and more, we hope that every camper goes home feeling good about himself or herself, having self-confidence based on the fact that Christ loves him or her and offered Himself as a sacrifice for him or her.

7.  SBC campers have FUN! Zip lines, tubing, campfires, swimming, hiking . . . the list goes on and on.  We believe that when campers are interested and enthusiastic about being here, they're more teachable than they would be otherwise, so we make every effort to make their time at SBC the best week of their summer!  In addition to traditional camp activities, and adventure initiatives, we plan special games and events.  Campers are never bored.

Ready to register your son or daughter?  Click here for more information. 

What about you?  What are your reasons for sending your kids to SBC?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prime Time Work Retreat 2012

Our group of retirees never cease to amaze us!  These seniors show up each spring and dive into projects and help us get the camp ready for the upcoming season! Just give them a list of projects to choose from...and away they go!

Click here to find out more about our Spring Prime Time Service Retreat.

Or click here to find out more about our Fall Prime Time Retreat.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Somerset Beach Campground is looking for a Food Service Director

Somerset Beach Campground, a year round Christian camping and retreat
ministry, is seeking a Food Service Director. Responsibilities of the Food
Service Director include the planning and preparation of about 27,000
meals a year for youth, families and retreat groups and selection and
supervision of both paid and volunteer staff.

Applicants should have previous work experience in food service for camps
or institutional groups as well as hold a current certificate in “ServSafe”
or an equivalent program as outlined by American National Standards
Institute. They should also be able to demonstrate the computer skills
needed for ordering and record keeping.

Applicants must have a vibrant relationship with Christ, be available
summers and weekends, be flexible, be self-motivated, have an upbeat
personality and be able to work as a part of a team.

Send resume to Dave Luke, Somerset Beach Campground, PO Box 307,
Somerset Center, MI 49282, 517.688.3783 or